Gold Diggers Change your Business Model


A few days ago whilst exiting Accra malls parking lot a young woman dressed in tights and a see through chiffon shirt was parading. As you can imagine the men in their cars soon turned their attention on this girl who, judging by her appearance could be no more than 25 years old.  Within a few seconds five men in their SUV‘s and luxury cars were calling her. They were all competing for her attention.  She continued to parade along pretending to ignore them. I say pretending because moments later she would turn flick her Brazilian hair and ask in a fake American twang “oh excuse me were you calling me?”

Classic display and behaviour of a “Gold digger” I thought.  This young lady eventually selects a car, one which looks the most appealing and expensive and approaches the old man sitting in the driver side who had called her. They continue to chat with her giggling like a helpless innocent school girl. She gives him her contact number and continues with her parade.

Oh I thought quietly to myself Ghanaian girls. ADEN!

Then my business  mind goes into over drive. Isn’t gold digging a business? We have a good or service “The Gold digger” and we have a willing Buyer “The Sugar Daddy” and in exchange for her services she’ll get Brazilian “hair did”  an i Phone, Samsung Galaxy tab and depending on how enterprising the gold digger is a house or a car and the countless amount of times he’ll take her to a hotel, or out for an expensive meal. A perfect contract right?

But pause for a moment ladies and think. These things are just material.  A newer version of the i Phone will come within a year, you’ll need new locks of Brazilian hair soon, your car will need maintenance and so too will that house. The cycle of gold digging will continue.

Gold digging doesn’t make sense from a business perspective. It is not sustainable. Its all about the law of diminishing returns, at 30 years or older the quality of sugar daddy’s and their bank balance you are able to attract decreases. There will always be girls around who are prettier with more enticing bodies than you. So to all the gold diggers I say to you.

Change your business model!

Instead, of requesting from your sugar daddy the latest Gucci bag or Brazilian hair or i Phone, ask him to pay for training courses, so you can  improve yourself, your skills and knowledge. It’ll shorten your gold digging years allowing you to become your own woman.

Invest in Yourself! Take advantage of the various training programs and workshops, learn something new. Come on I dare you! Become a GOAL DIGGER!

2 thoughts on “Gold Diggers Change your Business Model

  1. angela

    I honestly don’t think its right even if that old fool wanna take u to varsity! If he wanna do it with no sexual favours, then that’s great! But regardless of what that sugar daddy does for you, Goal digging is wrong! Like you rightfully said, be your own woman! Get out there and get a real job! Rome was Not built in a day…..

  2. Akua Akyaa Nkrumah

    if I had that kind of courage (to be a gold digger in the first place) this would be my approach. Get a business started and have it generating major cash then ditch the oluman. Great post!


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