Running on Empty


I was spring cleaning my bedroom when I came across my 2009 diary I kept whilst living in South Korea where I taught English to Elementary and Middle School students for almost two years. I wrote this post on August 15, 2009 about one of my many Island trips with my Korean friend Katie. It’s always interesting to go back in time to read your old diaries, it provides you with the opportunity to see how much you’ve grown or regressed and whether your perspective has been altered. Below is a post from the diary.    

Picture Above: Katie and I On the Ferry

I was running on empty this morning, literally. My train was to depart at 9:00 am. It was now 8:50 am and still no taxi in sight whilst standing on the side of the road. Only 10 minutes to get to the Daejeon Station which on any other day would take fifteen to twenty minutes. Would I make it?

I did with 30 seconds to spare.

I’m now on the ferry taking me to one of the Korean Islands. I’ve been island hopping for a bit now so I’m not too sure what the name of the Island is called. I’m in a very sombre mood today, not too excited to be on this trip, I think the novelty of visiting Islands has worn off. I am now on a mission to enjoy some good rest and relaxation. I need to find something new and exciting to do on this trip. Perhaps I’ll visit a Buddhist temple and live with the monks for a week or two.

It sucks being semi literate in Korea I miss so much because of it. If the announcer on this ferry said “the boat is sinking please get your life jackets and jump ship, I would be none the wiser.”

Hmmm this Island hopping business has got me thinking about the idiom ‘No Man is an Island’, I do not believe it is entirely true.  We are all Islands going through life, your thoughts , dreams and decisions are made by you. We would like to think that it is not  and that factors like our parents, relatives, boyfriends and friends all have an influence in the decisions we make.  To me that would make it seem like we are selfless beings which we are not.  We’ve landed on the Island.

We do the things we do say the things we say because it works for us it makes sense to us.  We are all Islands connected by the sea we come into this world alone, along the way we meet friends, we have   our own families but ultimately we are alone, mere Islands.

I am discovering so many things about myself here in Korea good and bad. One thing I love is the opportunity I have to explore and discover ME. I consider myself very blessed, how many people can boast of having time to develop and grow at such a young age?

I have returned to the ferry and I’m now surrounded by men who are all soju’d (drunk) up.  Blaring in the background is some tasteless music. Koreans on the ferry are dancing with vigour. I love this place!

Video Above: Korean Cross Dresser performing on a ferry on one of my Island hopping adventures in South Korea


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