Goat Business


I need your assistance on this very serious matter.

About a week ago I came across the strangest goat in Ghana.   We have goats of all shapes, sizes and deformities in our country. Bow legged goats aren’t even given a second glance because there are goats with more peculiar features than them. Today I saw a goat that takes the all time goatee prize of the weirdest goat in Ghana, better still the world.


Bow legged Goat on the streets of Accra

I  was compelled to conducted some investigations around a neighbourhood  in Osu on what this goat was suffering from. Locals in the area claim that this goat is male but he looks like he’s been pregnant for months. Perhaps you can help me make out what sort of ailment this goat has.

osu goat

The pregnant he goat parading on the streets of Osu, Accra Ghana

It would be awesome if you could shed some light on the ailment with this dear billy goat. Goat experts, Veterinarians could you help?

Just an after thought, are these the creatures we kill for our goat pepper soup (Aponkye kra kra)? Kai

ghana goats2

My very own pet goat in my village in the Central region. I still haven’t found a name for him yet.



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