Black in Korea: The GIF Edition


I went through about 70% of this in Korea. LOne lady in my neighbourhood in Daejeon was convinced that I was Michelle Obama, she ran towards me, gave me the biggest hug and invited me to her restaurant. Very funny

Alana in Wanderlust


Spring time in Korea is that wonderful time of the year before Satan comes back to his summer home..and makes it unbearable for everybody

…it’s also the time of year when black people re-emerge from our respective one rooms and officetels to do hoodrat things with our friends…

…and it’s much needed to0 since winter this year lasted 8 months…


today’s post is inspired by one of the funniest blogs about Korea

..which is in turn inspired by this blog

…and just because I find it extremely accurate and hilarious…this blog

So I’ve decided to do a GIF blog for my African American Expats out there

…because some things seem to only happen to us

Disclaimer: This is meant in fun. I promise it is. If you take offense, don’t tell me about it. Laugh people!

When somebody asks if you’re from Africa

When Koreans…

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2 thoughts on “Black in Korea: The GIF Edition

  1. DD

    Kate, how do I contact some “good Ghanaians” living in South Korea?
    I would like to establish some contacts for business purposes.


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