Zhest Consult Welcomes Kyla Hagedorn


There is an old  African Proverb which states:

I started my consultancy business two years ago. Since then I’ve been looking for a worthy person to include as a  business partner. To my delight I was introduced to Kyla Hagedorn in 2012 and during that period we’ve worked together on a few initiatives and also forged a mutual respect and friendship.

Zhest Consult now boasts a formidable and dynamic team.

About Kyla:

photo (2)

Zhest Consult’s new Managing Partner: Kyla Hagedorn

Kyla Hagedorn has an extensive background in Entrepreneurship. She has successfully developed and implemented programs for several Social Enterprises, Start-Ups, and NGOs in the US and Africa. Through this work she has helped to create a tangible impact on issues such as women’s empowerment through job creation and business skills, youth skill development, technology education, and nutritional health. She has guided businesses through the conceptualization phase through implementation and everything in between. Kyla has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with dual concentrations in Finance and Management from the University of Washington, an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Seattle University, a Post-Master’s Certificate in International Business from Seattle University, and most recently received a Fulbright Specialist Grant in Social Entrepreneurship. Kyla has a passion for sustainable development and commitment to helping to ensure that all people have access to the same basic needs and opportunities.

Kyla and I have big plans for Zhest Consult. From time to time she’ll be contributing to my Blog “Social Commentary” in our business category section by providing us with business insight and advice.

We have a few events brewing in the pot, from business training, workshops, market research initiatives and an array of other services which our local and international clients can take advantage. Together, we have a large network spanning from North America to Asia, Africa and Europe to help you meet the global business challenges and to also help entrepreneurs take advantage of the “new business frontier” in Africa with minimal risk thanks to our networks on the ground.

Kyla Welcome!


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