Signs of Ghana- Part 1


I came across a series of pictures which in essence provides readers who have never been to Ghana with an idea of who the average ‘Ghanaman’ is. Despite or social problems  Ghanaians have this subtle unassuming humour? You know the type that causes you to laugh uncontrollably whilst at the same time shaking your head? Whether its humour from our chop bar or fufu sellers, carpenters, spiritualist, or an employee stating  his case, you can’t help but chuckle.

Most Ghanaians have had basic primary education (JHS )but we should ask ourselves just how well are we teaching our future generation if our present day adults produce signs like this?

Many of our business owners in the informal sector have had very little training, and education. It astounds me how some have become very successful in their business can you imagine how much more they could do if they had the right training and skills? In Ghana we say everybody is an MD, Ghanaians are all Managing Directors of their lives. We make do with what we have and make the best of it. We laugh at ourselves and move on with life. I love that!

Below are a series of pictures I’ve compiled courtesy of a Facebook friend, Ian who has over the years collected these pictures.  Enjoy!

Most areas in Ghana do not have enough toilets. It is very common for Ghanaians to use open spaces to ‘relieve’ themselves. When you drive around Accra, you’ll see many signs similar to the one above, but usually the spot fine is money. For this one you’ll get a slap

Ghanaians take religion very seriously. In 2010 Michael Essien was injured and the chances of him representing Ghana in the world cup was slim. Read above to see how people in Kumasi sort to solve the Essien injury.

Kokonsa means Gossip in Twi. The sign reads WELCOME TO GOSSIP JUNCTION. You’ll find that locals in the area will call the street or road Gossip Junction.

Ghanaians take all things spiritual very seriously. We are still a fatalistic society. We believe that nothing is in our control and everything that goes against our plans is the fault of a relative, the devil or a jealous friend.

Harry harry! Ghanaians love to travel to aborkyire (overseas)

Joe’s hair talks. Many businesses found in the informal sector have business names so long that you’d have to be Einstein to actually remember it.

Is there a difference between sleeping and dozing off? There is in Ghana.

In Ghana if you do not comply to such warnings then get ready to experience strange spiritual and physical consequences for your misdeeds. This person will most certainly take you to his spiritualist.

This sign reminds me of some of the signs in South Korea. English is definitely not our first language.

And just how are these two businesses related?

Property and Land disputes is the norm in Ghana. There are many families fighting amongst themselves to take ownership of family property and land. When the Matriarch or Patriarch of a family dies, it usually result in signs like this being painted on a wall whilst the legal matter is heard in the courts.

Akan speaking Ghanaians often mix their L’s and R’s.

The toilet business in Ghana is big business. Only 13% of households in Ghana have adequate sanitation facilities.

Can you spot the typo?

If your business’ name doesn’t contain a bible verse or incorporate God’s name then you aren’t a Ghanaian Businessman

There I thought you just had to have a good business and marketing model and be a good person to get all that is posted on the sign. Sheikh Ajab! Thank you

Again, the toilet business is big business in Ghana and they don’t give credit either! “No credit, If you don’t have money, don’t come here!”

Like I said, Shit is serious business in Ghana.

Its not just Ghanaian women who do the “Gold Digging” men do it too!

Raymond is looking for girls to sell bred sandwish. Please call him

I’ll be compiling Part 2 of Signs of Ghana. Look out for it.

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