Child of the two South Africas


My good friend Mugabe Ratshikuni, or Mugs as I like to call him has written his first short story titled ‘Child of two South Africas’.

Mugabe is also the founder of Feint and Margin a website of pan-African commentary by young African writers of which I am the editor.

I’m extremely proud of his achievement, because writing an article is not easy how much more, writing a short story?

His book is set in the new South Africa, it is a 50 minute read which promises to keep you engaged as he explores sensitive issues like HIV/Aids, Xenophobia, the ‘coconut’ syndrome and much more. I am certain that many of us who grew up in South Africa post 1994, can relate to Trevor Vilikazi’s story.

Here’s a brief Extract from the book.

Trevor is that most interesting of ‘new South African’ kids – raised by a white family for whom his mom worked as a domestic worker. He grew up in middle-class suburbia and lived the life of a kid from an affluent white family – in his case, the Friedmans. They treated him as one of their own and gave him everything they could in order to give him a better shot at success in life. They made sure he attended some of the best schools in northern Johannesburg and contributed to his school fees. His mother has only been too grateful for the help they gave her son and like all mothers, wants to see her son succeeding in life and breaking the cycle of poverty within the family.

For Trevor, growing up as he did, places like Diepsloot were once a far-off reality. His reality was northern Johannesburg suburbia and all the perks that come with living in that kind of space. But when he was midway through high school, his life changed.


Let us support our African writers. Feint and Margin’s  vision is to encourage young African’s to tell their own stories. I believe that Mugabe, is leading this vision boldly.

Grab a copy of his book (click link)  Child of the two South Africas.

You have no excuse not to buy one.



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