Bukom Banku: Ghana’s Funniest Boxer


When  you hear the name Bukom Banku in Ghana you cannot help but chuckle to yourself. This larger than life boxer has coined such grandiose idioms and pearls of wisdom that after reading his quotes you are left confused and dazed as he pummels you with his unique English phrases  a lot like what he does in the boxing ring, his words will leave you knocked out. Bukom Banku is outrageous and very funny.

I have compiled some of my favourite quotes from Bukom Banku, who describes himself as a ‘self taught  English speaker.’

In an interview with KSM Ghana’s answer to Jay Leno and the Saturday Night Live genre of comedic entertainment.

He asked Bukom:

“Where did you learn all this English”

Bukom: “Is my own mentality. I have the Bukom Dictionary. Anytime I wake up in the morning I teach my own self.”

Bukom Banku  speaks in Pigin English which is  a language mainly spoken by the youth (All social classes) in Ghana. According to him, he has never been to school but has succeeded in  creating  his own “Bukom Dictionary” which only he truly understands.

Here is some wisdom according to Bukom Banku:


“I bring adama and shaving stick to ring. after I beat Ayitey, I use adama make him hair black, then I shave am. Nonsense hair cut. Just do sakora. because of he hair I want beat am waa. He head make me remember kokonte and groundnut soup. I don’t like kokonte.” In response to Ayitey a fellow boxer he will be fighting (sakora means bald hair)

“I am boxer, I am poet, I am musician, I am actor, I do politics small, I write film (big trouble in little bukom).. I am do everything” Bukom says he is the WBO number second.


“He give me some blow to my head back, e pain me, so I turn want run from ring. But I see say the supporters dey shout ‘Banku! Banku!!’.. I no want disappoint them. so I return to ring again to go fight Gbenga. Gbenga no be easy” After his fight with a fellow boxer Gbenga.

“I think say Politics is a foolish game” This quote makes so much sense…

“Woman dey love me not Ayitey only e mother love am becas she no have choice. monkey no fine but e mama love am. congratulation sef. I spell am. Ayitey no spell. esha fe Chokor koobi”

“When de vulture shaking their wings,is cover their son,and when the witch fly a night,somtin happen to de mango tree, you can ask de cloud.”

“The roads you pass some people have pass already.” How logical…

“Bukom is my favorite food, I can’t leave Bukom. Even if I buy house in Legon I can’t leave Bukom, Bukom is my temperature.”

This is Bukom a ghetto in Accra where Bukom Banku was born and raised and still lives.

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Share some of your favourite Bukom idioms.


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