Mr President


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The Juvenile Community

“Mr President…”

He had fallen madly in love with the title the moment he automatically assumed the seat at the zenith of political power, albeit in a nation which still struggles to shake off the reality of the words “developing country.” Lagoons resembled cesspools of sewage – like the open gutters unimaginably choked and brimming with refuse. Plumes of toxic smoke rise indiscriminately from e-waste jungles where lifespans are halved to levels comparable to footballing careers. Electricity, water and fuel remain unattainable indulgences for majority of the populace, and even [almost all] the wealthiest of communities cannot boast of having all three simultaneously. Corruption pervades every echelon of society – from roadwork contractors embezzling funds while roads resemble stone quarries, to members of parliament who stutter when asked about the flashy cars they drove on Independence Day.

“Mr President…”

Still, his title does not immediately reflect any of these problems…

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