Controversial – Obroni tears down Ghana and builds it up again


I was compelled to republish Ian Kwaku Utley article which I posted on my blog a few days ago because of the sensation it’s created across the world wide web amongst Ghanaians in the diaspora and at home.


1. The rules of engagement (trade, foreign policy) between Africa and the West Need to Change. The African Union and our respective Governments should lead the way. Ghana should be at the forefront of this change. We need to set the rules for the West if they want to trade with us. WE MUST UNITE AS A COUNTRY, REGION AND CONTINENT. WITHOUT UNITY WE CANNOT PROGRESS

2. You teach people how to treat you. White people mistreated (slavery, colonialism and westernisation) Africans because we allowed it to happen. When you go into someone’s home and the head of the household has established rules, you will comply. We have never set any rules for white people to comply to in our countries. Yet when we go to western country they have set rules and regulations for us. It’s time we do the same.

3. Zimbabwe in my mind is the only African country that has successfully told the West to ‘take a hike’ . Watch Zimbabwe in the next few years, they will be leading Africa’s industrial and economic transformation. Robert Mugabe made the right choice by telling Tony Blair to Keep his Britain whilst he kept his Zimbabwe. I never understood the significance of his statement until I read this article. It’s probably why African leaders still hold reverence and respect for him. It’s because Mugabe had the balls to tell the white man to abide by his country’s rules.

4. Africans are more powerful than we know. Our transformation will truly begin if we are bold and demand what rightfully belongs to us (our resources, and the right to set the rules to trade. The we need to regain our power to manage our resources, economy and countries. BUY MADE IN GHANA AND AFRICA GOODS AND SERVICES.

5. It’s important that we begin to write our own stories. Lets not leave it to others to tell us what and who we are about. Learn about our history and about why we should take pride in being called Africans. Teach your children about our rich and diverse past,both the good and the bad. Knowledge of our history will serve as the the springboard for our continent’s development.
Perhaps you could draw your own lessons…

An expat friend of mine forwarded the link to this article to me which she discovered on this website

I only repost articles that aren’t my own if I think that my readers would benefit from reading it. I ask that you read this post to the end before you make any comments. The lessons I’ve written above will make more sense once you’ve read the entire article.  -Kate Nkansa

“What do you want in Ghana? Go back to your country!”

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