Slice Some Lime


limeWhen I return home from work, I slice 2 limes in half and use its juice to exfoliate my body. Lime is a great deodorizer and helps to fade blemishes on your skin. Forget about bleaching ladies. If you want an even skin tone rub lime on your face and body leave it on for 20 mins and then shower. I have stopped using underarm deodorant, I now rub my underarms with fresh lime it is not only  friendlier on the environment and my body it works even better than deodorant. It leaves your underarms looking and feeling supple and smooth. Lime reverses the signs of aging, removes dead skin cells, it’s a great natural remedy for eczema and acne.
Studies have shown that deodorant increases your risk of breast cancer.  Give it a try. #gonatural


a few slices of lemon a day keeps you in tip top shape.

a few slices of lemon a day keeps you in tip-top shape.

I love lemons! When I visit a restaurant the first thing I’ll ask for when the drinks menu passes round is a glass of water with some lemon slices and a straw (sipping or drinking lemons with a straw is highly recommended due to the high acidic nature of the lemon when consumed without a straw as the lemon may recede your gum line).  I’m not being a cheap skate lemon water improves digestion.  Drinking a glass of lemon water half an hour before a meal does wonders for you. You’ll never suffer from indigestion.


In Ghana the Hammatan season has just begun, Hammatan is characterized by cooler weather and constant rain. It’s basically Ghana’s version of winter (the coolest the temperature will go down to is about 20 degrees centigrade). It’s also the silly season for colds, flu and the dreaded sore throat. A few weeks ago I woke up with a sore throat. I sliced a lemon into quarters and sucked the juice from the fruit two hours later I repeated the process every two-three hours.  I also gargle with hot water and salt solution. The following morning my sore throat had disappeared and I was feeling better.

A staple in almost every Ghanaian dish is the tomato. If we were to conduct a ‘what’s in your fridge’ survey across households in Ghana, tomatoes would by far be declared the food of choice found in all Ghanaian Fridges. With our present dumsor problems (power outages) most of our fresh produce decomposes in our fridges. Slicing lemons in half and placing them in strategic areas in your fridge will make sure that your fresh produce stays fresher for longer. Lemons slows down the molding process. by just placing 4 half lemons in your tomato chest your tomatoes will last longer. Try it! It really work,s not just for tomatoes but also keeps all produce fresh.

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