Ghana, The Centre of the World


All functional movements are highly dependent on the core.  Our human bodies rely on the strength from our core to function well. Ghana is the centre of the world, and the centre does not hold.

Centres of excellence, within our Arts, Music and Film, Science, Politics, Education, Industry and the Environment.


All that has been bestowed upon us are gifts from the earth, the gifts which we find within and on the surface in Ghana are too many to name, but still, we do not hold.  We boast of an ecosystem like none the world can compare.Yet we continue to destroy our rivers, lakes, forests and sea. We disgard our purewater sachets, defaecate in our oceans. Foreigners are given free reign to destroy our water bodies through illegal mining.

Illegal Mining (Galamsay) in Ghana are destroying our rivers and other water bodies

Do we deserve to be the centre of the earth?

With all our minerals, precious stones, our oil and gold, but still we do not hold. From Wayome, to the akomfem saga, misappropriation of funds by the National Youth Employment Agency right up to the National Health Insurance  Scheme. How do we forget our Striking doctors and teachers who are a part of our nation’s core. How do you deny patients treatment and refuse to teach our future generation?

Where are our centres of Excellence?

Ministers, Imams, Priests , Prophets and spiritualist mislead us. Our people  believe that by paying exorbitant fees to them, their  prayers will make our problems vaporise. No potion or oil will give you power. Remember it is hard work, consistency, knowledge and skills that will give you lasting success.

Hold Ghana hold!

We do not hold because we have turned our backs on the parts of our heritage and culture that defines us and makes us stand proud. Our youth prefer to Azonto  rather than dance the Agbaei, Agbadza, Adowa or Bamaaya. Our national theatres and stadiums are left empty when tales of Anaanse are told yet are filled when Chris Brown stands on the stage.


The centre of the earth has zero latitude and longitude. The Prime Meridian (zero longitude) runs through Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso and Togo in Africa. It passes through along a 15 mile stretch east of the centre of Accra, Ghana.

The Equator (zero latitude) passes about 385 miles South of Accra into the sea. That is where you’ll find the centre of the earth at the point of zero latitude and longitude. GHANA!

Nobody wants to talk about the core issues, the root the origin. We would rather discuss, matters which require less time to think and reflect. Turn up the Azonto music, lets meet at the local drinking spot , wedding or funeral whilst I drink my malt, eat goat meat and banku and tilapia. Anigye!

…But remember this.

Ghana IS the centre of the earth. Let the Centre HOLD!


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